Neuropsychological Evaluation for School

Individuals who have had traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, or other neurological conditions can benefit from evaluation as they return to work to help pinpoint:

  • cognitive strengths that can be capitalized on, and
  • cognitive limitations that should be considered in job selection and work performance.
  • Evaluations are often used to help identify appropriate accommodations that can be implemented in the workplace.

    Neuropsychological evaluations are often requested by a vocational counselor, whether the client is returning to an existing job or looking for a new line of work that matches their cognitive strengths and limitations.

    Worker’s compensation claims are sometimes substantiated by neuropsychological evaluations if a work-related injury has caused cognitive limitations.

    After the evaluation is complete we can consult with you and your vocational counselor in a feedback session to help you understand what the findings of your evaluation mean as you return to work.