Understanding the Challenges

Stress is a normal part of recovery from concussions and other brain injuries. When symptoms are longer lasting and have more impact on school and work abilities, many of our clients find that meeting with a neuropsychologist who understands the challenges they are facing is very helpful. Therapy often focuses on learning strategies for symptom management, including relaxation techniques, lifestyle adjustment, and cognitive approaches to coping with difficult thoughts and situations.

We also offer psychotherapy for clients who are coping with depression, anxiety, or stress from other life challenges.

Now during COVID, psychotherapy sessions are also available from the safety of your home through video conferencing. 

Alexandra V. Jackson, Psy.D
Senior Neuropsychologist and Director of Training

Dr. Jackson specializes in individual psychotherapy and neuropsychological evaluation of adolescents, adults, and children. She works with patients with a variety of acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities, and Attention Deficit Disorder. She provides sports concussion consultation to individual student-athletes and their families and to our partner schools. She serves as a Consulting Neuropsychologist for the NeuroRestorative Acquired Brain Injury Program, the Massachusetts Statewide Head Injury Program, and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

Dr. Jackson is also on staff at Emerson Hospital’s Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center where she is part of an interdisciplinary team focusing on the evaluation and rehabilitation of individuals with mild traumatic brain injuries. She specializes in the treatment of prolonged post-concussion symptoms and has developed a psychotherapy practice dedicated to those individuals with persistent symptoms.

Dr. Jackson received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology in Washington, D.C. She completed her internship and post-doctoral fellowship at WestSide NeuroRehabiltation Services in Lewiston, Maine, in 2011.



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“I have been seeing Dr. Jackson for two years and she is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with.  She is an excellent listener, and advice giver, and I always get so much out of our sessions.”


“Dr. Jackson has supported our adult son for the past 3 years.  She initially completed his neuropsychological evaluation and was able to confirm challenges which we as a family had wondered about for several years.  She impressed us with her unique skills, experience and compassion.  She presented as someone that would be clear, firm, and compassionate.  As a result of the initial meetings, we asked if she was able to provider therapy.  She was been open to receiving our communications and incorporating them into her practice.  She has also been open to collaborating with other professionals in our son’s life which allows the therapy to be more grounded in day-to-day challenges.  We are family fortunate to have her on our son’s team.


“We were very grateful to have the support of Dr. McGrath during Sam’s recovery. His calm, knowledgeable and unhurried approach was very reassuring. His experience with concussion recovery was also incredibly helpful and allowed us to understand what our son’s recovery was going to be like. ”

Nancy Friedman, Parent